2018 Design 3.0 Forum(Beijing)

Tsinghua and ID KAIST would like to invite you to participate the Design 3.0 Forum in Beijing, which will be held this October on 19th and 20th, 2018.

Design 3.0 Forum aims to raise and discuss the challenging issues in design research, education and practice in this newly emerging paradigm we now face with new forms of end-user products such as intelligent products and services, DIY/fabrication tools, and IoTs. These new forms of products and services change the ways people interact with them and shape their everyday lives.  We would like to re-think about our traditional user-centered and human-centered approaches and what are new agenda to be raised and considered for future designers and design researchers to be prepared for. This is what Design 3.0 Forum is targeting for, and we hope that this can be the start of continued conversations around these issues even after this foru
Aims to explore challenging issues in design research, education and practice.
Host : Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, KAIST, South Korea.
Organizers : Service Design, Tsinghua University, IEEAC, IIDC, ATI, ICACHI.

Design 3.0 forum in Beijing will consist of four panels as follows:

Panel 1. AI and Next generation UX: Possibilities that AI helps to analyze user, improve design perception, design tools and methods

Panel 2. Future Design and Design for Good: Interdisciplinary collaboration to rethink about design research and practice for future challenges and values.

Panel 3. Design innovation and entrepreneurship: Discussing new systems on innovation thinking between academics and industry.

Panel 4. Speculative Design and Critical Design: rethinking how to use design as a means of speculating how things could be.


We will provide participants an opportunity to express their opinions through the Ideas Lab model.

We plan to deliver an initiative to synthesize the discussions raised from these panels at the end of the forum.


We also plan a one-day workshop to faculty members and graduate students after the forum,

which focus on research and practice of future HCI & Design.